Nitrogen Inflator-CAR

Product Description

  • The N2 Generator provides a robust, cost-effective and mobile design capable of delivering high levels of N2 purity.

    PCL-SUMO have introduced the new Nitrogen range with the launch of the PCL-SUMO N2 Generator Inflator. The N2 Generator brings the latest in the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process for Nitrogen Generators. The robust, cost-effective and mobile design is capable of delivering High levels of N2 purity. This leading technology has been added to PCL-SUMO’s inflation portfolio and is now seen on forecourts across India.

    These N2 Generators have the ability to present the tyre pressure, allowing the operator to use either Air or Nitrogen to automatically inflate FOUR tyres collectively to the required level, saving time and money. 

    Using adjustable purge cycles (settings 1-5) and the Proprietary Software which has been specially developed for N2 Inflation, the unit converts Air to Nitrogen. This enables the equipment to inflate up to four tyres at once, delivering consistently high levels of N2 purity in the tyre when required.

    Using N2 improves fuel efficiency, extends tyre life, lowers fuel usage which reduces CO2 emissions and increases safety which is why it is used in Aeroplanes and Formula 1 Cars. 

    In short, the PCL-SUMO N2 is cost efficient which generates opportunities for Tyre Service providers enabling them to offer high performing N2, low running costs and a long lifetime, all for a moderate Capital Outlay.