ACCURA QUBE Tyre Inflators


Product Description

  • PCL has cost-effective and accurate tyre inflation boxed off with this space-saving, entry-level unit, the ACCURA QUBE Series II Tyre Inflator.

    The ACCURA QUBE a firm favourite in factories, tyre shops and garages all over the world has now been made even better with the integration of PCL’s latest digital and communications developments. The tiny but beautifully formed unit now packs an even more powerful punch. To the already fast and safe inflation has been added higher levels of speed and accuracy while PCL has included its new “human-touch” recognition software to the buttons making the unit even easier, faster and more robust.

    All the customer needs to do is pre-set the required pressure, place the connector on the tyre, and let the inbuilt auto-start function do the rest. To this basic operation, PCL is now adding new optional features to make the unit even more wide-ranging. The additional 4 preset button module allows common pressures to be set quickly speeding up processes in workshops, garages and factories.

    PCL will also be adding the latest communications capabilities with Bluetooth and Wireless protocols to be added. The Bluetooth will allow the unit to be instructed remotely from another digital device, widely useful from roadside assistance safety to reducing non-value add time in workshops. For wireless, the QUBE will be able to send or receive information on the inflation operation essential to recording and sending details on work carried out or being programmed to undertake required operations.

    Overall the robust yet attractive QUBE has the market boxed off for fast accurate and cost-effective inflation and now the unit has become SMART.